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Sofascore Rating

Sofascore created the staple in quantifying player performance.

Standout moments of the football matches live long in your memory, while others slip under the radar.

For 90 minutes (or more), up to 22 players are active on the pitch, and they generate data with their every move.

Sofascore ensures no touch of the ball goes unnoticed.

We created a way to translate that complex data into a single number.


Sofascore Rating

Data into insights.

Sofascore's team of experts created and perfected an algorithm which analyses hundreds of data points, received from our data providers.

During each football match the data is calculated as a player's statistical rating in real-time and after the game has ended, ensuring 100% accuracy.

We analysed countless past football matches and tweaked the formula — resulting in our highly sophisticated algorithm.

    10 minutes of play is needed to generate the first ratings.

    For each player, it's updated 60 times during the match and a few more times after the final whistle.

    During each match, it counts almost 2000 iterations for all players combined.


Minimal possible rating





Starting rating






What's factored in?

The algorithm finds a delicate balance, ensuring every player has an equal opportunity to achieve a perfect 10.

Every statistical category we receive from our data provider contributes to the rating, either positively or negatively.

This is just some of them.

Key positive factors

Scoring a goal

Providing an assist

Creating a big chance

Penalty save

Clearance off line

Successful last man tackle

Penalty awarded

Successful diving save

Key negative factors

Receiving a red card

Scoring an own-goal

Committing a penalty

An error leading to a goal

Big chance missed

Penalty miss

Unsuccessful dribbles

Lost challenges

Carefully curating values attributed to each statistical category is the main reason for our algorithm's superiority.

Rating globally.

Since introducing the rating ahead of the 2015/16 season, we have continuously worked to expand our in-depth coverage.

  • 3M

    Individual performances rated so far

  • 10K

    New ones generate weekly

  • 200

    Women's and men's senior and youth competitions with Sofascore Rating available

  • 1

    Out of 3000 performances gets the perfect rating

Sofascore Rating is quickly becoming the industry standard. The completely objective look at each performance on the pitch.

The first and only indicator of a player's performance based on data science.

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