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By partnering with Sofascore, you promote your sports club, federation, or tournament in a product used by more than 25 million users worldwide.

You are featured in unique, stand-out positions, visible and clickable as soon as you open our app.

This way, your organization is visible right alongside the most significant world leagues.

And to completely convey the atmosphere of the sports field, we have room for the highlight reel as well.

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The spotlight is on you

Your organisation (club, federation, or tournament) is featured prominently in our product.

Global Audience

You take place right next to the world's biggest leagues.

Special Content

Eye-catching custom graphics are tailored right for you.

Sofascore Editor

Use the perfect tool for fast and simple data entering, ideal for digitalising your tournaments.

Impeccable Precision

Ensure the accuracy of your data.

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